Our Commitment to Sustainability

At KiboCrew, operating in a social & environmentally sustainable way is our top priority.
We've therefore ensured that all our garments are sourced from WRAP certified suppliers and oversee production as much as possible.
Moreover, we've partnered with the amazing Eden Reforestation Projects to restore forests and lift communities out of extreme poverty.
Eden reforestation projects is one of the leading reforestation organisations in the world. Countries of operation include Nepal, Madagascar, Indonesia & Haiti.
Where trees live, communities survive.
For every purchase you make, we plant 10 trees. 
Rural communities in countries such as Nepal, Haiti, Madagascar and Indonesia face issues of extreme poverty, and dependence on external economies, often due to deforestation. In certain villages, survival itself is an everyday struggle. 
Deforestation leads to desertification and land often becomes arid and unusable for agriculture. Inability to farm and a lack of employment opportunities exasperates the effects of extreme poverty.
Through employing villagers to grow, plant, protect and consolidate entire forests, we provide a means of living for many families and restore forests so that native flora and fauna can once again thrive. 
Farming lands can once more become fertile and agriculture made possible.